Patina – a timeless trend for every garden

Patina – a timeless trend for every garden

Known for relentlessly eating through iron materials, rust does not exactly enjoy a good reputation – outside of gardens, at least. Decorative patina elements provided a nostalgic, romantic atmosphere on patio, yard and Co. for years, and even today enjoy a changelessly growing popularity.

Simple style, wide Variety

On a closer look, the stubbornness with which patina decorations keep on popping up in yards and gardens doesn’t raise any questions. After all, the typical vintage and industrial style design in addition the timeless, slightly antique appeal strikes the eye of a wider audience than most other decorative elements. Patina figures, bowls, planters or whole sculptures shine in a uniquely raw beauty that forms an felicitous contrast to the lush green of the garden world.
The long lasting popularity of patina decorations also stem from the fact that no patina element stays the way your customer buys them, but changes constantly. Over time, patina décor takes on new color nuances, hence changing the overall appearance of the garden over and over again. How quickly and intensively the material changes depends on the material and the environment – which is true for the durability of the decorations as well.

The unrivaled durability of patina decorations

Despite constant changes in the material, patina decorations are still unmatched. Under perfect conditions the decorations last for a ridiculous time of 770 years. Of course, patina resists even the harshest weather conditions that would usually let your customers search shelter in the comfort of their home. Decorations made from other materials that are exposed to wind and weather are far from lasting as long as patina elements – and tend to suffer under more extreme conditions.

Decorations without limit

Given all the advantages that the material has to offer, the possibilities of decorative application are limitless. Patina decorations in form of bedding rods, perennial supports or garden lights combine the pleasant with the useful and hence make a perfect addition to classical decorations, fitting perfectly into the gardeners’ and garden-lovers’ everyday life.
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