Decor Trends 2019 – here’s what your customers want!

Decor Trends 2019 – here’s what your customers want!

Every year there’s new movement in the colorful world of decorations – reason enough to make room in the warehouse for new ideas in 2019. In tune with many different trends over the last years, this year’s top home accessoires will bring back to life the best decorations from past times – but naturally, fresh colors, modern forms and practical furnishing have their own place in this years décor trends. Your customers are already looking forward to a variety of different decoration styles – and for you to be prepared for all individual needs, we gathered the most important styles here in our blog for you.

Back to the golden 20s

Almost hundred years ago, the famous art deco style was born in France during the golden twenties - and the typical curved shapes, metallic tones such as copper and chrome and classically elegant decorative elements are back in fashion today. The floral, tendrilous forms of Art Nouveau and the strict graphic elements, which are particularly characteristic of the wall decoration of simple rooms, are once again popular with style lovers all over the world.

And the Retro-Trend continues

The all-popular retro style earned its place in the 2019 home decoration trends as well. Even today retro furniture in industrial design and natural shades or the typical graphic and geometric elements can be found in many a home this year.
Often, the retro style is combined with ethno-look decorations. African motives in bright colors and eye catching animal patterns on cushions, blankets and the like create a holiday feeling right in the living room, while geometric patterns in natural, strong colors create a friendly and cozy atmosphere in almost every room.

Natural Awareness in Décor & the choice of Furniture

As if a response to the movement towards more sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle, there is the trend to a more natural home. Organic materials such as wood and leather are no longer restricted to the floor and some pieces of furniture, but instead used extensively for decorative items of all kinds. Small decorations such as a wooden fruit bowl or the classic wine crate in vintage style for example express the yearning for a more original way of life. Earthy tones, a warm green and other natural colour shades such as khaki, grey, beige and camel underline the natural sense of well-being.

Minimalism for deep relaxation

In line with the trend towards a more conscious lifestyle, decorative ideas are moving more and more towards minimalism. The focus here is on fewer furnishings with higher quality, since less overcharged decorations at home create a quiet, individual retreat that invites your clients to relax.


Our contemporary selection of decorations, furniture and the like picks up on this years trend and allows you to be perfectly prepared for the needs of your customers. Just visit our dealer shop and discover what you have to offer your customers this year!