The latest Trends in the world of wall decorations

The latest Trends in the world of wall decorations

Wall decorations are probably one of the few categories of home accessories that enjoy an everlasting popularity. Of course the different styles, colors and decorative elements are as different as the various tastes of your customers themselves – but among decoration lovers the trend towards so-called statement walls is now emerging, serving the individual, creative expression in wall decoration. With statement walls, individual rooms are easily transformed into a spectacle of passion, wishes and dreams, hence making the perfect spot for withdrawal, wellbeing and inspiration. For you to be perfectly prepared for the newest trends of wall decoration, we have compiled everything worth knowing here in our blog.

When less is more

In the world of wall decorations, not everyone is a big fan of heavily hung walls. Often a few or even individual decorations are hung up in order not to overload the room - and to create the desired atmosphere in the composition of several decorated walls. In this way, individual clocks, pictures and similar decorative elements can provide a pleasant anchor in the room, while the interplay of all walls ensures a harmonious overall picture.

Expressing oneself with wall pictures

Whenever someone desires more intense changes to a room, print wall pictures offer an expressive opportunity to give the room a renewed face. Modern floral and stripe patterns, animal prints or geometric designs on the walls create decorative eye-catchers that can put the room entirely at the service of the atmosphere desired. Especially floral wall decorations in a broad variety of colors and shapes are again in high demand this year. Different murals not only offer a wide range of colors, but also various possible sizes: while some of your customers prefer smaller, more discrete pictures, others are particularly fond of full-surface motifs that easily extend across the entire wall. The right choice in the assortment can make a huge difference here.

Renewing the room with wall panels

The ever popular wall panels represent a special characteristic of the trends presented. Besides a whole new color palette, decorative panels offer a new structure to any existing wall. Thanks to their 3D-Look, wall panels create new corners, edges and surfaces that integrate perfectly into the existing atmosphere or serve the creation of a new one altogether. A special trend within this movement is the very same decoration in a reversed manner: instead of covering the walls with panels, the concrete under the wall is made visible. In combination with an impressive wall lamp or smaller decorative objects, the concrete look can easily fascinate with its unusual effect.

Tapestries - timeless classics thought anew

Whoever holds decorations of all sorts dear probably thought about hanging a carpet on the wall already – a trend that has not yet come to an end even years after its first appearance. Psychedelic, Indian print patterns or whole portraits lend the room its expressive qualities, while the typical carpet look creates a high level of coziness in any room. Again, there are no limits to the imagination of re-sellers and customers alike when it comes to this line of decorative ideas.

The world of decorations thus offers a wide range of possibilities for the popular wall decoration. If you are looking for further inspirations or new articles, simply explore our dealer shop!